President’s Branch Report to BCRTA

Sue Mackenzie

Langley Retired Teachers’ A association 

2018/2019  BRANCH REPORT

Submitted by Sue Mackenzie - President LRTA

Langley had a busy year hosting a variety of luncheons and workshops.  I have been fortunate to have the support and hard work of an amazing executive for the past year.   

We have 487 members as of June, 2019 and a hard-working 11 member executive  who, throughout the year, worked tirelessly on their different roles and organizing events for our members.  Our executive has increased to 12 members at this point and we continue to encourage members to consider volunteering for the executive.    

We started with our “No Bell” brunch in September, welcoming many new retirees to the LRTA and connecting with former colleagues and new friends. 

It was  followed by a luncheon in November held at Newlands Golf and Country Club, The School District Foundation successfully held a silent auction during the luncheon to raise funds for the retired educators scholarship fund, no longer a part of the LRTA.  

 In February, we held a luncheon with 3 guest speakers.  Tom McLean from BCRTA Trip Merchant explained the travel website and the benefits to members. We also learned about the Extended Health Care and Prestige travel coverage from Lisa Hansen and Mark from Johnson’s Insurance.  Many members had questions and it was great to have the opportunity to have them answered. 

In April, we held a workshop for our members and their guests  called “The Indispensable Binder” presented by Diana Cruchley.  It was a full house (60 attendees) and those attending felt it was very worthwhile.  

Throughout the year, many of our members enrolled in the 2 sets of GLUU sessions with Linda Fawcus learning more and more about our iPads and iPhones. 

In May, we held our AGM at Newlands and enjoyed the talented Brookswood Secondary Senior Jazz Band once again,  under the direction of Mr. Derrick Turi.  

We continue to keep connected with COSCO - the Council of Senior Citizens Organizations of BC and the Langley Chamber of Commerce. We also have a liaison person for the Wellness Committee.  

I attended the April BCRTA zone meeting that was held at the Langley Teachers’ Association office in Langley.  I found the zone meeting interesting, informative and a great way to connect with our neighbouring branches.  

We communicate through our newsletter (Open Road) along with frequent updates in between issues and the LRTA website 

We look forward to another active year supporting the retired teachers of Langley.  

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