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 The first Glen Valley School was built in 1885 on the Gilbert McKay farm on Jackman Road (272), a little north of 88 Avenue. The school served until a new one-room school was built in 1924 on land donated by John Cornock, an early pioneer who built a large house on 272 in 1905. At that time students could start school in February or September.

The first teacher at the school was Elizabeth Anne McKay, niece of Donald McKay, who lived in Glen Valley. Another early teacher was Emily Parkinson who taught for six years before marrying Pete MacMillan, a local farmer. Daughters Kate and Pat also taught at the school. 

The school was a typical one-room building with no central heating, running water, indoor plumbing, or electricity. According to Ethel Probert, that didn't bother the students as none of their homes had these amenities either. The school floor was oiled wood, and the seats were permanently affixed to the floor. There was no library. Ethel remembers there were several green soft-covered books that were devoted to the First World War School supplies were provided by the Langley School Board, and the only books Ethel remembers buying were a Highroads dictionary (45 cents) and an atlas ($1). 

Garden plots on the school grounds were used by the students. 

The students had no access to high school unless they boarded in town. When cars became available, a privately-owned school bus picked up the students for high school. Mr. Jimmy Mowat drove the school bus to the high school which was located in Langley Prairie. 

When Ethel attended Glen Valley School, there were about 25 students in grades 1-8.

 During recess and noon hour the students played various games during the school year. The boys and more athletic girls played baseball. Other games included Prisoner's Base and Red Rover. Only baseball needed any equipment, and all other games could use any number of players. 

A big day at the school was the Christmas concert. The teacher arranged the concert, small plays, poems, and lots of Christmas carols. The concert was an occasion for everyone to gather in the hall. After the concert there was a visit from Santa Claus when each child was given a gift bag of oranges, nuts, and candy. To end the day there was dancing, while many little ones lay in safe spots fast asleep, tired out from all the excitement. 

When Glen Valley School was closed in 1935, the students were bussed to Fort Langley Elementary and Langley High. Students often had to walk some distance to the bus, as the bus drivers would not venture beyond the pavement in Glen Valley during the 1950s. High school students were bussed to Langley High School until Walnut Grove Secondary was built in 1991. -45-

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