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Apex Secondary School is situated at 20060 Fraser Highway directly behind the original Langley Prairie School which houses the Continuing Education Registration Office as well as classes from Apex School. It has as its mission/slogan: "Apex will provide a supportive environment that will empower students to make positive choices for their life and learning.” 

The first principal of the school was Kerry Gregory. 

Apex Secondary School opened in September, 1996, with six classrooms, and now has six more classrooms in the Continuing Education building, plus one portable classroom. It employs twenty staff members. The school presently serves 112 students with learning problems in grades eight to twelve. The school uses the standard BC Schools' curriculum. Apex offers a total family program that provides parent training as well. Meetings are held with parents once a week to discuss student progress. The grade twelve students provide peer counselling and mentorship to the younger students. 

Apex Secondary School is the largest school of its type in BC and has connections with Harvard and Johns Hopkins Universities. 

Plans are under way to construct a new building behind the existing Apex building.

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