Gordon Greenwood

 Gordon Greenwood Elementary School, situated at 9175 - 206 Street, opened on April 14,1992, with sixteen classrooms, ESL portable, two resource rooms, one computer room, a library, music room, full gymnasium, early primary cooking room, medical room, and external washrooms for use by community groups on weekends and during evenings. 

The farm was originally owned by Maxine Michaud. The school is named after Gordon Greenwood, a long-time resident of the Walnut Grove area, and the eldest of eleven children. The Greenwoods moved to Fort Langley from Cessford, Alberta, in 1935 when Gordon was fourteen years old. Gordon graduated from the old Langley High School. He served as president of the Fort Langley Board of Trade and was a School Trustee from 1978 to 1990. 

The school was meant to stabilize at about 485 students, but peaked at about 650 during the 1997-98 school year when it had 9 portable classrooms. A new school (Dorothy Peacock Elementary School) on 91A Avenue opened in September, 1998, and eased the overpopulation of Gordon Greenwood School. The first principal of Gordon Greenwood School was Gary Sasaki. The school enrolled Kindergarten through grade seven, with some autistic and Down Syndrome students. 

The school is situated on 9.5 acres of which 6.8 acres are useable. McClughan Municipal Park, located next to the school, is used as a sports field and for recess and lunch hour play. There is one intermediate irrigated grass field, two asphalt play courts, and two adventure play structures on the school grounds. In 2004 the school's population is 384. 

The school boasts a host of activities for students. Students serve the school on Student Council, and as office, library and lunch time monitors. Gordon Greenwood School offers handbells, band, choir, and holds a musical once a year. Students also participate in volleyball, basketball, as well as track and field. The school's logo is the gecko, which is proudly displayed on staff and student shirts. Gordon Greenwood School is proud of its tradition of putting students first. It is a place where physical as well as emotional safety is valued.

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