Wix Brown

Wix-Brown Elementary School was originally named Brown-Wix, then Sunnyside School, and was later renamed Wix-Brown in 1960. Wix-Brown is placed in a country setting that provides its students with classes in nature study, as deer and Canada Geese are often seen browsing on the school grounds. 

The school was named after the Wix and Brown families. Montague Wix was killed during WW I. Robert Brown was a veteran of the NW Rebellion in 1885, fighting against Louis Riel. In 1900, he owned acreage east of 240 which was named Brown Road in his honour. 

Wix-Brown School opened its doors in 1960 at 23851-24 Avenue just west of 240. It consisted of two classrooms housing 48 students in grades one through six. Normal operation was interrupted in 1974 when an arsonist set fire to the school. The resulting fire destroyed one classroom and severely damaged several adjoining rooms. Classes were moved from the damaged portion of the school over to the gymnasium where students took classes for the remainder of the school year. 

The school grounds were dug up and remained so for three years. The students were left without playing fields and without a gymnasium during a construction project aimed at building the school's west wing and a full gymnasium. The school has been enlarged to eleven classrooms, plus a covered play area (1965), a full gymnasium (1973), a library (1975), and learning assistance facilities and offices (1976). In 1988, two portable classrooms were placed along the southwest fence. In 1989 one more portable was added. In 1992, there was an addition of three classrooms (including two Kindergarten rooms), a multi purpose room, a new resource room, a conference room new configuration of the library, a computer lab, office and staff room, two washrooms and a kitchen. All the portables were then removed, but another was added for the 1992-3 year. In 2004 there are 293 pupils attending Wix-Brown. 

While the children display pride in the achievements of their sports teams, particularly in gymnastics and basketball, the staff are proud of the level of parent participation apparent at Wix-Brown School. 

The school celebrated its 40th year in 2001. 

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