Langley Central

 Langley Central Elementary School was first known as Langley High School. It was opened in 1924 with two classrooms and a science room to accommodate students from grades 9 to 11.

 Some of the early students were Dave Poppy, the Harris boys, Lloyd Marr, Pat McMillan, Bill Blair, the Harrower boys, Ernie Brown, and Sid Jude. 

In December, 1940, Mr. Manzer, the first principal, was succeeded by Mr. R. Brunt. In 1945, owing to the growing population, grades 7 and 8 had to be accommodated in the original School Board office and in the maintenance building located beside the School Board office. These classes were under the supervision of Mr. R. Brunt. 

In 1948, when the new high school was completed, Langley High School became Langley Central Elementary school with Mr. F. C. Cudlipp as principal. 

When the school became one of the family of schools in the Langley Region in 1961 under Supervising Principal A. E. Angrignon, Mr. J. A. McTaggart was the Head Teacher. 

Langley Central Fire

A four-house system engaged the students in many activities, including noon-hour volleyball, soccer, and softball, culminating in the annual inter-house sports day. 

Many children were engaged in club activities such as recorders, chess, checkers, projector operation, future teachers, drama, badminton, and ping pong. 

An activity room was added in the spring of 1960, and proved to be very useful to the school children and community groups. Regardless of the weather, the children were able to have physical education classes and noon-hour games. 

After the school became Langley Central Fundamental School in the 70s, it served families from all areas of Langley until it was burned down by an arsonist in 1993. 

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