Wix-Brown Document found in 2015

Thanks to the searching effort of Wix Brown’s staff the following material, including staff photos, was found in a closet in September 2015. Click here to download the sketch of Wix Brown made in 1961, and the history written sometime in the 70’s. 

Click here to view pictures of past Wix Brown Staff

Wix Brown 1961
Wix History

In September 1961 Wix-Brown Elementary school first opened its doors to students. The two classroom post and beam constructs building held six grades and fifty-one students. Originally named Brown-wix, then Sunnyside, the name Wix-Brown Elementary was finally settled upon by the school board trustees.This school and Peterson Road Elementary, eased the pressure of student population off Otter, Murrayville and Lochiel schools.

It was named Wix-Brown after the roads that bordered it. The Wix and Brown families were both prominent pioneer families who lost sons in WW1. Six Road (24** Avenue) was originally known as Sunnyside Road and was renamed after Montangue Wix who was killed during the war. Brown Road (240th Street) was originally known as 'The Last Chance" because so many of the first settlers were unable to make a go of it and pulled out. The Street was renamed after C.H. Brown who was also killed during the war. 

It hasn't always been so peaceful and serene at this country school. In 1974 an arson attack left one classroom severely damaged and another unusable and students finished their classes that school year in the newly completed gymnasium. 

The placing fields were dug up in the mid seventies to add drainage for the renovation and remained that way for three years. The gym was also closed during the construction of the west wing and expansion of the gymnasium. The strong Wix-Brown basketball team was able to practice at D.W. Poppy Junior Secondary during the twice weekly recreation nights that were reserved for Wix-Brown activities. 

Through seven additions the school has increased from ifs original two rooms and offices to ten rooms, kindergarten room, computer lab, gym, change rooms, multi-purpose room, three special education rooms, conference room, staff rooms and kitchen, as well as numerous storage rooms. 

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