The first school in the Coghlan district was built in 1892 by James Skea on land donated by John Knox at the corner of Coghlan and Roberts Road (256 & 56). It was named Beaver School. Beaver River is now Nathan Creek, but in the 1890s the Beaver Post Office, the Beaver Women's Institute, the Beaver River Lumber Company, and the Beaver Presbyterian Church were all named for Beaver River. 

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The original trustees were A.M. Richardson, Joseph Sherlock, and John McDonald. The wooden one-room schoolhouse (20 x 34) was valued at $700 and was also used for religious services. All grades were taught with later enrolments up to 35 students. Earliest School Board records show that Miss Christina Shortreed was the first teacher when the school opened in January, 1893, with 8 boys and 12 girls in attendance. Wages for teachers in 1907 were $50 per month. 

The school won second prize in 1911 for the best kept school grounds in the municipality. Some of the early teachers included Miss C. Shortreed, Miss Carter, Miss Bessie Green, and Miss Ruth Hector. 

When County Line School opened for classes in September, 1918, Beaver School was closed. In 1921 the school building was sold to the Presbyterian Church for $500. The church was closed in 1960, and in 1966 was renovated into a dwelling which has since been demolished.

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