Peterson Road Elementary History

 In the early 1960s, Langley was growing at a steady pace and some schools, such as Otter and Murrayville, were overflowing with students. Peterson Road Elementary was located on 6.20 acres of land at 23422 - 47 Avenue, a site which had been purchased in 1962 for $6500. 

The name was actually used for 46 Avenue just east of 232, where Mrs. Peterson and her son "Pow Wow" owned land in the 1930s. Peterson Road was extended east and north and then east along 47 Avenue where the school was located. 

The school was built in three stages (September, 1962; December, 1962; and March, 1963). Meanwhile, the students were on shift at Otter Elementary. The school opened in March, 1963, with three rooms to enrol 110 pupils in grades one to six. Because of the lack of space, the grade seven's attended Murrayville Elementary for a few years. The contractor was L. D. Boyd Construction, the architects were Rowett and Russcher, and the cost was $46,000. Besides the three classrooms, there was a furnace room, a store room, an office and staff room, and a nurse's room. 

In 1965, an additional classroom and covered play area was constructed for $14,000. Grade 7s could then be accommodated at the school. In 1968, another classroom was added, built by the School District maintenance staff. In June, 1971, a four-room open area, staffroom storage, and washroom facilities were added. In December 1974, eight classrooms, a library, and gym were added for a cost of $603,500. 

Peterson Road Elementary presently (2004) consists of 16 classrooms, a full library, full gym, change rooms, and administration area. 

The open area constructed in 1971 was not a success, as students were distracted by other classes and teachers. Partway through the second year, partitions were put up to alleviate the problems. The open area eventually became separate classrooms. 

Enrolment has slowly declined since a high of 470 pupils in 1988. In 2003, 317 pupils were enrolled, and in 2004 there are 323 pupils at the school. The school mascot is the Panther. 

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