The earliest Glenwood School was built in 1891 on one acre (see Public Schools Report 1891-92) on the SW corner of 16 (North Bluff) and 216 (Johnson-Townline). It was 20 x 34 feet and probably housed grades 1-8 with one teacher. 

In 1916 a one-room structure with a basement was built on the corner of North Bluff Road and Berry Road (208). At that time most of the country south of Langley was uncleared bushland with a few trails connecting one farmhouse with the next. Nine children attended this school, which was destroyed by fire in June, 1920. A new building was erected in the same place and this remained Glenwood School for the next 25 years. It was eventually sold to Mr. & Mrs. K. Sigurdson who converted it into a house. 

The next two-room school was opened on the corner of Wix (24) and Berry (208) Roads in March, 1945, on a site donated by Noel Booth. Rapid expansion in the area resulted in a six-room school with an enrolment of 200 students by 1957. A third division was opened in the basement, but the cold and drafty conditions caused much sickness among students and staff. Further increases in enrolment resulted in Grade 5 and 6 being transferred to Langley Central School. 

There had been no indoor plumbing for the first few years, and when it was finally installed in the basement, an old workshop building was moved from Langley and placed on the school grounds to accommodate the class that had been in the basement. A two-room addition was completed in 1956-7, and the students at Langley Central were transferred back to Glenwood. 

Many additions were made over the years: in 1962-3 an activity room, in 1969 a library and 2 classrooms, in 1971 washrooms and 2 classrooms, and in 1974 a gym. An office, a staff room and a first aid room were added later. A large playground now surrounds the entire school. 

Well-known teachers who have taught at Glenwood include Miss Johnson, Miss MacKay, Mr. Frank Mackenzie, Mrs. S. Hiebert, Mrs. L. G. Schrieber, Mrs. J. Liddle, Mrs. M. Brookes, Mr. Ron Price, Mr. E. Abbey, Miss M. Hahn, and Mrs. E. Swensen. 

The Glenwood PTA has been very active over the years, purchasing playground equipment, a fence on 208, film projectors, indoor plumbing, running a soup kitchen, supporting a dental clinic, making available vitamin pills and school insurance, and sponsoring a cub group, open houses, sports days. 

Presently the school has 10 standard classrooms, a gym, a library, a Kindergarten room, and a computer room. Gas-fired furnaces and ventilation have been installed. There is a 4-foot galvanized chain link fence, 3 swings, 2 climbers, 2 slides, a bar, 2 asphalt play courts, and asphalt parking with 20 stalls. In 2004 the population is 198.

At Glenwood, the school's values are guided by Co-operation, Consideration, Courtesy, and Common Sense. The school logo is "The Glenwood Lions" (L-literate, I-innovative, O-optimistic, N-nurturing, S-safe). The motto is "Kids Come First.” 

Glenwood is a wonderful community where the grandchildren of children who were once students at the school are enrolled. Generations of families are in the photographs on the school walls. Students past and present have generated a feeling of pride in the school. 

The staff at Glenwood enjoy working together creating hope and opportunity for all. 

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