(Langley Fundamental Middle School)

Anderson Elementary School was originally built behind farm acreage purchased by James Alexander Anderson, who arrived in the Valley in 1920. The school property was probably part of five acres purchased by his son behind the original Anderson farm. The first administrator was Bob Press, Head Teacher. 

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The original school was a two-room structure. Another room was added in 1962. During the 60s and 70s more classrooms, a covered play area, library, half size gymnasium washrooms, storage areas and a new well were added. 

Three portable classrooms were placed on the playground and two special EMR (special education) classes were added to the school membership. These classes blended in well with the rest of the students and were mainstreamed wherever appropriate. While EMR classes were often moved from school to school, the Anderson classes stayed put for five years. Stability was probably the formula for the success of the school as a whole. "Snuggled here in the backwoods" along a dead end street, the school is surrounded by quiet woodland and a community that has seen few changes until recent years. 

The school was closed in the 90s and was used as a centre for School Board meetings and other District needs, but was reopened as the Langley Fundamental Middle School in September, 1998, enrolling approximately 150 pupils in grades seven to nine. In 2004 the school was expanded to grade ten and now houses 248 students. 

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