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Bradshaw Elementary School was constructed in 1973 to ease elementary enrolment problems in the Brookswood area. As this area grew during the early 70s, plans for Bradshaw were implemented so that the construction of this new school at 3920 - 198 Street would alleviate the student population problem. 

Mr. H. Bradshaw, a respected magistrate in the 1930s, owned property on 208 between 32 and 36. H. E. Bradshaw, probably a relative, was a soldier killed in action in World War I. After World War I, many roads were named for soldiers who were killed during the war. Bradshaw Road was the name given to 40 Avenue between 200 and 224. When the school was built in 1973 on property very near to this area, the historic name of Bradshaw was chosen. 

When assigned classes showed up in September, 1974 (the date on which Bradshaw Elementary was scheduled to open), construction was not yet completed. Throughout the 1974-5 school year, the students were split up into five groups at Langley Prairie, Anderson, Belmont, and Glenwood Elementary Schools and at Brookswood Church Hall.. After classes moved into their new school, construction could not keep up with the rapid growth in the area. Original plans were for the school to be built in three phases. Bradshaw began as a 12-room school with a second phase planned for the future. When students occupied the first phase, contractors were kept on site and ordered to begin the second phase of five more rooms and a gymnasium. 

In addition to the District-wide French Late French Immersion program, the Francophone Program leased three classrooms at Bradshaw in September, 1997. With approximately 60 students the Francophone Program brought more than a cultural enrichment to the school. Students from both programs integrated in all activities and shared resources. This was a defining moment in Bradshaw history. 

George Main was the principal from 1991 until his retriement in June of 2002. Sharon Anglin was the principal from September of 2002 until June of 2005.

 In September of 2005, Pat Macdonald became the principal until the school, with a rapidly declining enrolment was closed.

Bradshaw was demolished in 2017. The land was sold to developers for a retired centre.

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