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LANGLEY FUNDAMENTAL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Situated at 21250 - 42 Avenue on 8 acres of land that was previously a strawberry field, Langley Fundamental School was the result of the amalgamation of the two original fundamental schools, Langley Central Fundamental and Langley Prairie Fundamental. It opened in September, 1995, with 18 classrooms, a gymnasium, library, Kindergarten room, conference room, computer lab, special education room, and a multipurpose room. Five more classrooms were added in 2001, giving a total of twenty-three classrooms in all. 

A fundamental school is a choice school involving a more structured approach to learning. Parents choose the school, not the programs. No boundary limits restrict attendance at this school, which means children from anywhere in the Langley district may attend as space allows. The school was designed to accommodate over 500 pupils, but an enrolment of 702 has been reached in 2004. 

The first principal of this school was Mr. Lorenz Wiebe, who was the former principal at Langley Central Fundamental School and Langley Prairie Fundamental School. In 1998, Ron Sawatsky, the first principal at Langley Central Fundamental, returned as principal to Langley Fundamental Elementary School. Ron Sawatsky retired in 2001, and Alan Wiebe was then assigned as principal. 

Langley Fundamental Elementary School's mission statement emphasizes home and school working together for student success in the fundamentals of learning by employing traditional methods of instruction. The fundamental school has an academic focus within structured classrooms. Staff strive for consistency throughout the school. There is an emphasis on character and moral development, and the teaching of respect for each other, elders, authority, and for our country. This has resulted in a school that enjoys a safe environment with a high standard of student behaviour. Parental involvement and support is key to the success of this program. 

The program continues to grade 10 at the Langley Fundamental Middle School (formerly Anderson Elementary) and has a population of 248, with hopes of growing the program to grade 12 in the near future. A second elementary school began in September, 2004, at Coghlan to provide more options for families on the wait lists. 

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