History of Parkside Elementary School



Parkside Centennial Elementary School was built in 1971 on 5.29 Acres (2.14 hectares) at 3300-270 Street in Aldergrove. It was built adjacent to Aldergrove Municipal Park which fronts on 32 Avenue; hence, the name "Parkside”. 

The school is built of concrete block with aluminium windows. Finishes include cedar shingles and vinyl gyproc. The building is on municipal sewer, west from the building to the street. There is a galvanized chain link fence around the school grounds. The northeast area is commonly shared with the municipal park, which has lighted fields and tennis courts. There is one adventure play structure. 

The school originally contained eight classrooms, an office, and a library. In 1976 the school underwent expansion, and nine more classrooms and a gymnasium were added. By 1983, the school was feeling a population crunch as Aldergrove community continued to grow. The enrolment reached 500 in June, 1983, and 40 students had to be transferred to the other two elementary schools nearby. By February, 2002, the enrolment had reached 515. In 2002, the school had 68 children in half day Kindergarten, and 20 standard classrooms. 

In 2004 there is a staff of 43. The principal is Wendy MacKinlay, the vice principal is Susan Perkins, and the head secretary is Pat Knapp. Other principals over the years have been Vic Ewert, Irvin Redekopp, Peter Good, and Brian Thomasson. 

Parkside School, which is a feeder elementary school to Aldergrove Cornmunity Secondary, draws its students mainly from those living north of Fraser Highway in the Aldergrove area. The school population in 2004 is 463. 

The school colours are blue and black, and the school logo is the Parkside Panther. 

Special programs at the school include Late French Immersion (Grade 6 & 7), PALS (Parents as Literacy Supporters), and art and music specialists. The grade 6 and 7 students are involved on volleyball and basketball teams and may also enrol in band and/or choir (grades 4-7). 

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