The British Columbia Retired Teachers’ Association – An Overview

MISSION. The mission of the BCRTA is the maintenance and enhancement of the quality of life for its members specifically and other seniors generally. The purpose of the BCRTA is to promote the interests of the members, to provide information and advice to members on retirement programmes and benefits, to communicate to members on the activities of the Association and issues of common interest, and to promote excellence in public education.

The British Columbia Retired Teachers’ Association is open to all retired educators from the province of BC, to retired educators from a jurisdiction outside of BC and to Post Secondary Educators.

The primary value of the BCRTA is to ensure that retirees have an association which speaks with one voice about their economic interests and social concerns.

At the provincial level, the Association has two representatives who meet on a regular basis with other members of the Teachers’ Pension Advisory Committee - the BCTF, BC Principals’ and Vice Principals’ Association and the BC School Superintendents’ Association. These four parties work together to help ensure that retired educators’ pension plans and their related benefits continue to meet the needs of the plan members.

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By becoming members of the BCRTA, retirees join colleagues already retired and thereby share in the cost of having an organization and an office staff whose primary function is to serve the interests and welfare of the members.  The office staff assists in addressing any problems as well as providing general information on concerns of individual members.


A strong BCRTA membership is essential if the concerns of retirees are to be listened to and addressed.

Communication with our members has a new form. 

The Communication Committee is divided into three subcommittees, IT - PostScript and Liaison Priorities

Our Postscript magazine publishes four times a year to help members stay in touch with news of importance concerning pensions, benefits, members’ affinity programs as well as to share members’ experiences, volunteer opportunities, and travel tips. 

Liason Priorities is designed to keep members informed on the many committee activities within the BCRTA.  For example the BCRTA GOLDEN STAR AWARDS and the work of the following committees:-

  • Heritage Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Pensions & Benefits Committee
  • Member Well-Being
  • Advocacy
  • Communications Committee
  • Excellence in Education Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Committee Application Form

For more information on our committees, go to the BCRTA website at

Note: The objectives of the BCRTA Committees make excellent “AIMS” for branches to pursue in their communities. Local stories and history are great additions to our PostScript Magazine.

The BCRTA has over 50 branches all over the province. Membership in a branch offers the opportunity to engage in social activities and advocacy efforts that permit continuing contact with former colleagues. Many branches publish their own newsletters. Local branch concerns can be brought forward to the BCRTA Board of Directors through Board Zone Contact persons.

Up until January 2017, BCRTA members automatically became members of R.R. Smith Memorial Fund Foundation unless they chose to ‘opt out’.  As of January 2017, new members have the option to join the R.R Smith Memorial Fund Foundation.

Through our membership in the BCRTA, the Branches liaise with other BCRTA branches and have external relations with  BCTF, COSCO (Council of Senior Citizens’ Organizations of BC),  ACER-CART (our national retired teachers group), and with NPF (a national group dealing with seniors’ issues).

The BCRTA, as a member of the Canadian Association of Retired Teachers, has the support of all the other provincial associations in dealing with problems at the federal government level.  A united voice representative of all retired educators in BC and across the country is crucial to our collective well- being.

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