NOTE: The "History of Langley Schools began as a document published in 2004 by members of the LRTA.  A copy exists in every school library. It has been transferred to our web site with the permission of the authors. If you are a Langley educator please read the history of the schools you have taught in, or administered and send us anecdotes and pictures to add to the schools history. 

Suggested Activities:

  • Look into preserving branch events through photographs, and other digital media and submit to the webmaster.
  • Look into forming a committee to update the history of Langley schools on the website.

Except for Richard Bulpitt Elementary, schools constructed after 2004 have no anecdotal records. We plan to correct this, sometime. If you can help with pictures, please contact us. Click Here for contact information.

Each school has a folder on our web site. 

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