The LRTA Executive for 2018/19

President: Sue Mackenzie 604-882-3115

Vice President: Heather Anderlini, 604-534-3382 

Past President, Newsletter, BCRTA Liason:  Maureen Wilson, 604-916-0653

Secretary:  Wayne Wiebe, 604-534-2824

Treasurer: John Salmon, 604-576-6809 

Webmaster  George Main, 604-574-5554

Membership & BCRTA Web Site:  Susan Preast, 604-855-4428

Program: Vacant

Communication: Jan Bryce

Sunshine: Jacquie Hollybow, 604-888-7020

Members at Large: 

  • Annette O'Connor, 604-882-8203 
  • Maureen Pepin, ph/fax 604 856-890
  • Judy DeVries. (604) 530-7103

We are the Langley Branch of the British Columbia Retired Teachers’ Association.  The BCRTA is an organization of retired educators:

OUR MISSION: to maintain and enhance the quality of life of our members and that of other seniors.  We work to encourage all retired educators to become members of the BCRTA.

We exist to:

  • To promote the interests and safe guard the welfare of its members.
  • To provide information and advice to individual members and their beneficiaries regarding retirement programs and benefits
  • To communicate to members regarding the activities of the Association and issues of common interest
  • To promote excellence in education
  • To support the recording of the history of education in our branch and the preservation of school properties of historical value.

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