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From George Main

The BCRTA has experienced remarkable changes and growth this year and I thought a report from about the Advantage and Benefits Programs is in order. Most of us don’t appreciate what the committees of the BCRTA do because we are not aware of the benefits of belonging to the BCRTA.

Normally change is not an enjoyable experience but the plans the BCRTA has designed, plotting our future course, is an example of a vibrant organization I am proud to be part of and I know my retirement is in good hands. This will bring many changes that if successful, will bring us many benefits. 

Perhaps the most important is the hiring of Tim Anderson as our executive director.  For more on Tim’s background go to the following BCRTA page  (  

Tim has a wealth of experience and it is immediately noticeable. He not only redesigned our web site, he has streamlined our communication strategy. Tim worked with both the PostScript and BCRTA Connections committees to address communication needs. There have been major design changes with PostScript ( and  BCRTA Connections   ( PostScript now receives advertisements that help pay for the magazine. If you don’t receive these two publications you can sign-up on the above web pages. Keep informed about our vibrant and growing organization.

The BCRTA has many Advantage Programs which most of us don’t look into. Check them out at  (  Recently Lyn and I flew back east for a month and parked our car at Park’N Fly. This is an Advantage partner and after joining Park’N Fly through the BCRTA web site we saved a bundle on a month’s parking.   We also used Perkopolis in planning our trip, renting a car and getting around floods in New Brunswick. 

The BCRTA has a new Advantage member that really has special rates for BCRTA members - it’s Merit Travel. You may want to access their web site from (

However, although all of the above is good to know, what really enticed me into writing this article is the BCRTA Benefits Program with Johnson Insurance ( 

Now that I have reached the magic age of 76 my Medoc insurance almost doubled.  I am sure many of you have experienced this phenomenon. Now what does one do? Stay with Medoc or switch to Prestige? What’s the difference?

My wife and I went to Johnson’s office one morning (office in Langley) and found that we can save money switching to Prestige from Medoc and cancelling Green Shield. There are other benefits to switching and some disadvantages but overall, it was better for us. Although Prestige is  a travel insurance plan replacing Medoc, there is an extended health care plan attached that replaces Green Shield

 Going to Prestige is a very personal decision and I encourage you to contact Johnson and look into the the differences between Prestige and Medoc. After I became part of the new plan I was able to download the plan in detail.  Click here to get a PDF copy)

Johnson House Insurance- this is amazing!  This week Lyn and I received our house insurance from a company we have been with for a very long time and we were shocked at the increase in our premium. Looking at the back page of the latest PostScript which advertises Johnson Insurance, we decided to phone Johnson, it did say a 5% rebate for BCRTA members with travel insurance. Calling toll free 1-888-737-1689 and talking with a representative my premium was almost cut in half and this included an increase in our coverage. By the way we live in a strata development and my home insurance covers the deductibles to our Stratas insurance and home contents. If you look into Johnson Home Insurance be sure to identify yourself as a BCRTA member and have your existing plan to make a comparison. By the way, we don’t have earthquake insurance which would add a little more that $100 to the bill.

Our web site site is in a state of flux,  it’s spring cleaning time and changes should be completed shortly. I need to vacuum out some corners and chuck out old files.  

It’s been a great year working on the BCRTA Communications Committee and our LRTA Executive. It has been a rewarding experience. That’s why our web site masthead has the saying - Have an awesome day and know that someone (in the BCRTA and LRTA) has thought about you today.


George Main

PS If you would like to talk about any of the above, please use our CONTACT PAGE

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