Help in Langley schools

Are you interested in helping in Langley schools?

A request has come from several teachers for help from retired teachers in their classrooms. What they need are retired teachers who can read to children and do other literary tasks supervised by the classroom teacher. 

Just think, no planning required! Just go in and read to kids, play math games, help with science fairs, reading challenges etc.. 

I talked with Assistant Superintendent Gord Stewart, and as long as we are being supervised and not working in isolation with a student, or group of students, we do not need a background check. Just check into the office, let the Principal know your there.

We need to know if there is an interest. 

If you can volunteer some time, please send us an email. The form we request you fill out is very secure and is emailed to Maureen Wilson, our LRTA President, and George Main our web master and Past President. Click Here

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