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The silent auction is a fun time and for those who are new to Silent Auctions, the following is a primer on how it works and the fun time to be had by all. Please bring a pen or pencil and cash or a cheque book we don’t take credit cards. For an indepth view, with pictures, on what to bring, how it works, go to the bottom of the page and have an enjoyable look at Bev Anderson’s pictures from past Silent Auctions.

Since our formation as The Langley Retired Teachers’ Association one of our goals has been to help the Langley School District Foudation raise funds for scholarships through the Silent Auction and ‘Direct Ask.” 

We have increased the number of scholarships from one $500 award in 1993 increasing the amount each year to nine awards of $800 in 2017. The Langley Retired Teachers’ Association members give out these awards at the awards nights in the high schools of Langley.

How the Silent Auction Works 

  • When you arrive, our treasurer will collect $20, your lunch cost. 
  • Next, take whatever you brought to sell to the PRICING COMMITTEE who will discuss the starting bid. We recommend setting the opening bid low and please don’t bring items that are expensive. 
  • Once this is complete a member of the Scholarship Committee will take your item to the appropriate table.
  • Please feel free to walk around frequently, even during lunch, to check on your bids, up them if necessary. If an item you brought isn’t selling well, lower the price. If it doesn’t sell, please take it back home and try selling it again next year.
  • At the end of the auction take items you purchased to the CHECK OUT COMMITTEE and we take cash or checks only.
  • That’s it!   Have Fun!

Pricing Table

IMG 9433 4

The organizers arrive early, around 9:30 am and set up tables, the sound system, prepare the sign-in forms and get the ‘pricing table' organized.  

As members arrive, forms are filled out and runners (walk) your items to the tables. 

Once items are priced they are taken to tables. The table may become crowded. 


IMG 9416 1

Baked Goods

IMG 9431 a 2

What to bring - There is always a fantastic arrangement of baked goods, books, CD’s, new kitchen utensils, paintings, vases, electronic equipment, candies, coupons for dinners at restaurants etc.

IMG 9426 2

The name of the game is to out bid your friends!  Bidding is a lot of fun, although there are friends here we encourage each other to keep the bidding going.

The BBQ Carving Set

I finally got my BBQ Carving set and outbid someone.  (I never did find out who my competition was.) 

After lunch, when the bidding is complete. The cashiers are ready to take your cash or cheque.

The Silent Auction - In-depth Look

The following are Links to Bev Anderson’s Photos of past auctions.

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