The BCRTA Extended Health Care & Prestige Travel Plan

After working on BCRTA committees for a number of years I know they are always looking at developing services for our members. This certainly is true for the development of what we know as the BCRTA Prestige plan with Johnson insurance. But, as the old saying goes, “ the best made plans of mice and men … “   For some of you who purchased this plan some time ago some changes have been made that could affect any emergency you may experience in your travels.  It seems as though what was once an extended health and travel plan, as an alternative to Green Sheild and Medoc, has been split in two. However, printers and committees often have different timelines.

I purchased the Extended Health Care Insurance Plan with Prestige Travel in June, 2018 and received neither a document of the plan or a travel card. I was promised these by the end of August,  and with a trip to Russia in a weeks time I got rather desperate. I didn’t have the travel card with emergency phone numbers. 

The Prestige  comprehensive plan first introduced in 2015 has a travel card that is no longer valid. It contains your membership number that has not changes but the contact numbers are different. 

 At the time of writing (Oct. 6, 2018) the NEW updated documents of the BCRTA Extended Health Care Plan, and the  Prestige Travel Plan  are being printed. You will also receive along with the above documents a new  Extended Medical card and a new travel card that looks like the following. travel. 

I was told to put my policy number on the front and carry this  card until the new policy card arrives. 

 If you have a TRAVEL CARD please check the emergency numbers on the back of the card They shoud NOT be as follows, if your card has the following, download the PDF version and carry this with you. I was told to put my policy number on thr front and carry this as the card until the new policy card arrives. 


The Old Travel Card gives the following outdated information


Canada: 1-877-775-3695

Other Locations (Call Collect): (514) 875-3695 

Fax: (514) 875-7729

Please note the following is the travel portion I copied from the original 2015 document which I would only use as a guide. 

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