(COSCO) Council of Senior Citizens Organization

COSCO briefly...

COSCO is the largest federation of seniors' organizations in the Province of British Columbia, representing seniors for over 50 years.

COSCO continues to grow and is registered under the Societies Act in 1981 as 'The Council of Senior Citizens Organizations of British Columbia' an umbrella organization made up of 75+ seniors' organizations as well as a significant number of individual associate members volunteer run and operated by an elected board of directors working to protect and enhance the many social programs that over the years we fought and paid for, and are now being eroded by both the Provincial and Federal Governments.

A member of the BC Centre for Policy Alternatives, the BC Health Coalition, The British Columbia Public Interest Advocacy Centre and the National Pensioners and Senior Citizens' Federation.

COSCO directors and members collaborate with others in a common cause.

COSCO's PURPOSE (excerpt from the constitution)

To assemble, co-ordinate and advance proposals and resolutions concerned with the welfare of elder citizens, and submit them to the appropriate
government bodies; and To advance the social and physical welfare of all elder citizens in the province of British Columbia"

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