The Proton Pump Inhbitor

To download the PDF File for this brochure, it is very easy to read  , click here

Scrool down the page to check the list of drugs that fall into this category

If the links for this pamplet break over time, copy and past the following link.

The colourful easy to read pamphlet has a true and false list of questions to test your knowledge, answers are on the reverse page.

These pages are followed by a checklist that responds to the question:

  • “Do I need to continue taking my PPI?”
  • “Do I need to stop taking my PPI?”
  • “Alternatives”
  • "A patients story"
  • "Tapering-Off Program"
  • "5 Questions to ask your doctor"

In addition to the above link ( the brochure can be found at 

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