A Realistic Looking Bill From APPLE

Know your website and billing accounts  (your bank and purchasers say Apple, Amazon, Staples) and keep all emails sent to you from these organizations. 

The follwing is designed for someone to have an instantaneous angry response and demand immediate action. 

I received the following from supposedly, The Apple Store. and it caught me by surprise , a flash of indignation and a bunch of other emotions ran through me and had I hit any of the blue areas, I would have sent valuable information to someone on the internet. 

The first thing that settled me down wasn’t the form but the tax charged, I wish that was all we had to pay, it’s about 0.8% on this statement. 

As the reality that this was a scam set in I didn’t need to look at other receipts from Apple. Apple doesn’t have this particular email address of mine and I don’t use Mastercard.  Comparison with other Apple Statements shows obvious flaws but I almost got caught. Moral of the story, the computer receives a lot of FAKE NEWS that seeks our response. 

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