Why Join the BCRTA!

Why Every Retired Educator Should Join the BCRTA

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Some thoughts on why membership in the B.C. Retired Teachers’ Association

 is important for retired educators.

The BC Retired Teachers’ Association is a provincial organization that enables its 14,000+ members to speak with one voice about the interests, concerns and wellbeing of retired educators in BC. 

The Mission of the BCRTA is to maintain and enhance the quality of life of its members and that of other seniors.  

The Purposes of the BCRTA, found in The BCRTA Handbook, are to:

  • Promote the interests and safe guard the welfare of its members
  • Provide information and advice to individual members and their beneficiaries regarding retirement programs and benefits
  • Communicate to members regarding the activities of the Association and issues of common interest
  • Promote excellence in education

Professional Staff Support The BCRTA has employees available in the office of the Association five days per week. They can be contacted via email, local and toll free telephone numbers; they assist with information and guidance for the welfare of our members.  For more information on our staff and web site, click here

BCRTA committees working on our behalf. These include:-

Through our committees, BCRTA Members have an Association to speak about their economic interest and concerns – the larger the membership the more effective the voice.  

Local Branches  Members of the BCRTA may join a Local Branch and enjoy the activities and social relationships, which are an important part of a healthy retirement. To find a branch near you, click here

 BCRTA Member Benefits “The Advantage Programs”  The BCRTA makes available a number of customized insurance plans and affinity/advantage programs for our members. These benefits offer group rates on insurance plans and discounts on many travel and everyday purchases. 

Check out the following cost saving Advantage Programs available to BCRTA members, click here

BCRTA Affiliations  Individual members make the BCRTA voice stronger on issues related to seniors’ pension, health, housing, and social well being through affiliation with other organizations such as:

  • Council of Senior Citizen Organizations (COSCO) of BC
  • National Pensioners and Senior Citizens Organization (NCPSO)
  • Canadian Association of Retired Teachers (ACER/CART)
  • Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA)
  • Integrated Care Advocacy (ICA)
  • BC Coalition of Health (Click Here)
  • The Representation Agreement Centre of BC (NIDUS )
  • BC Retired Government Employees Union (BCGEU)

The RR Smith Memorial Fund Foundation is an educational charity established by the BCRTA. To find out more about what they do, read the informative newsletters from the RR Smith Foundation  click here

About BCRTA Membership

Active and Affiliate Membership The following is a summary on Membership see page 10 of the Handbook

Active Membership in the BCRTA Membership is avalable to all persons who, upon retirement, draw a pension from the Teachers’ Pension Plan of British Columbia and pay the annual fee. Spouses of deceased active members may become an active member by applying and paying the yearly fee.

Affiliate Membership Affiliate Membership shall be available, on the basis of individual application, to retired public system educators who draw their pension from a jurisdiction outside British Columbia.  Affiliate Members shall pay the annual fee and any levy set by the Association and any of its Branches to which they belong. 

About Langley Branch Membership Click Here

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